The Power of microdosing Mushrooms. A Guide for Psychonauts

There is a distinct kind of person – when they hear “psychedelic”, their ears get a little more excited. The majority of us, are completely aware of the incredibly introspective and profound spiritual healing potential of these special chemicals. Many describe the psychedelic experience as being a connection to the infinite consciousness of life in general and observing yourself and your ego from the supreme source.

However, not all psychedelics are used for this purpose and used in this manner. There are many who are beginning to realize the immense benefits of the sub-perceptive effects of Psilocybin mushroom or LSD (not enough to trigger an obvious reaction, but enough to induce the chemistry in your brain that causes unique processes to start happening within the brain). The sub-perceptual dose is referred to as”microdose” or “Microdose”.

Microdosing is the term used to describe taking a small amount of an ingredient like LSD or psilocybin (also called magical mushrooms) to try to increase the neurochemical chemistry that provides its advantages without causing an evident “trip” or hallucinogenic effects.

What’s great about microdosing is that it enables people to feel the full advantages of the “trip” without actually having one. It basically creates an intermediary between having a higher dose of a drug to experience the effects of taking nothing whatsoever.

Most often, people utilize psychedelics to self-reflect and analyze their own lives. An exploration of your own universe without judgment from external forces, just you and your thoughts unaffected by external stimulation. Microdosing is a good option for this type of practice too but in much smaller doses, where there are “no hallucinations or mood swings.” This can be described as more like an experiment, more than anything else. In this type of practice, the participant/experimenter is conscious of what is happening in their own head and around them at various levels of consciousness and maintains some control over the situation.

There are a variety of reasons to consider microdosing with mushrooms (or other psychoactive substances) to be used as an addition to psychotherapy, or in lieu of the whole process. The clinical research conducted over the years as well as recent studies have shown that psychoactive substances like psilocybin exert a variety of brain effects which could be beneficial in treating anxiety and mood disorders. The positive results include an increase in optimism, creativity, and spirituality/inner clarity; an openness and positive mood to life experiences; and decreased levels of depression and anxiety, and the anxiety response. The drugs also tend to increase creativity in the arts as well as sciences in users. This increases the potential for negative outcomes such as confusion in the mind or difficulty in concentrating that occur when first starting to use the entheogens because of psychodynamic reasons.

Microdosing can be accomplished in a variety of methods, but this guide will concentrate on psilocybin because that’s the one that most psychonauts want to know more about.

Microdosing Mushrooms Dosage:

The recommended dosage ranges between .1 Gram up to .5 milligrams of dried Psilocybe cubensis mushroom. Sub-perceptual doses don’t cause an intense effect but they can still cause an improvement in brain function. The greater the amount of the mushrooms microdosed, the more powerful the effects will be. Microdosing with psilocybin is possible every day at various times if required. It is advised to begin with small doses and gradually increase the dose until you discover what is effective for you.

Benefits of Microdosing mushrooms:

– Enhancing general happiness and mood
Reduce stress or anxiety
Enhancing cognition and improving creativity
– Heightening introspection
It helps to improve mental clarity by giving a more grounded feeling in the physical body.
Potentially improving performance in different tasks.

Microdosing mushrooms has been shown to decrease stress levels, allowing people to build stronger connections, discover more innovative ways to solve issues, achieve more IQ levels (thinking more quickly), and boost the overall function of the brain.

Positives can be seen for themselves more relaxation, improved relationships, greater creativity and improved cognitive function…across all areas, it’s typically a win-win situation when you take your dose in moderate amounts.

What can microdosing mushrooms do to aid in mental healing?

The reason psychedelics are effective is because they allow us to gain insights that would otherwise be obscured by the tiniest of our personal egos. This is why they’re an essential tool for personal change and self-acceptance. The microdosing of psychedelics may work on the same basis however at lower levels so that the user is aware of their surroundings. However, they can experience subtle shifts in perspective that will yield insightful results when it comes to discerningly analyzing their own behavior or self-awareness in particular areas.
This is the main reason why microdosing with psychedelics like LSD and Psilocybin mushrooms is very effective for self-care and healing.

How can microdosing mushrooms increase creativity?

Microdosing has been believed to boost creativity, triggering a flood of diverse and new connections within the brain. It is believed to boost diversification of thinking or the capacity to come up with a variety of possible solutions to a problem. Psychoactive substances can also increase the time spent thinking about a particular issue, even without actually solving it. The prolonged thinking process can lead to an increased number of potential solutions that may eventually create a more imaginative solution.

In an additional technical sense, the improvement in creativity is thought to be caused by increased neuroplasticity due to serotonergic agonism that occurs in the brain’s prefrontal cortex.

The process of neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s capability to develop new neural pathways and alter its structure. One of the major effects of psychedelics is that they create new networks between neurons. This is particularly important within the prefrontal cortex (PFC) the area of the brain involved in complex cognitive behaviors and decision-making and attention as well as working memory.

In a “trip” or psychedelic experience, one’s normal perception and emotional processes are altered, leading to “temporary schisms in ordinary consciousness”. The result is that information is perceived in new ways.

Although these insights may be generated by other methods (including psychotherapy) psychedelics permit users to intuitively connect to their brain’s chemistry through these “disruption of ordinary consciousness”. While psychedelics could cause damage to neural pathways when misused or used improperly They also disrupt generally comfortable patterns of thinking and create new concepts that are based on the current neural network, and then build on it with the self-feedback mechanism (i.e. specific neurotransmitter receptors).

This interaction affects cognition and perception. This is accompanied by an increased sense of spiritual connection or understanding as well as an increased ability to contemplate even after these chemicals disappear – possibly because these experiences force us to question the everyday ways of life that are clearly incompatible with higher spiritual values for some however enjoyable these pathways might be. They were programmed thousands, if not billions of years long ago. Our evolution to survive is based upon reward circuitry (such as olfactory-related sexual rewards).

Research has shown that psychedelics enhance the dendrites of the neuron (the parts of the neurons that receive signals) and also the number of synapses (the neural connections). The result is that neurons are able to communicate more effectively and the brain is more flexible and imaginative.

The ways that psychedelics alter the brain’s ability to filter information is not as evident, however, the current research suggests that psychoactive substances can cause the brain to be less “noisy” and, therefore allow weak signals to be recognized. This is the reason why people frequently report having “aha” moments and insights when they are influenced by psychedelics.

What is the effect of microdosing on the cognitive function of people?

Many people who suffer from declines in their cognitive performance due to a variety of reasons including depression, stress, or any other medical issue are reporting that microdosing improved their cognitive performance. It could result from the fact that psychoactive substances are believed to decrease activation in the default mode system (DMN) which is a collection composed of brain regions that are active during relaxation and are involved in self-processing and reflection. The DMN is active in the following brain areas: the posterior cingulate cortex the medial prefrontal cortex the lateral parietal cortex and the temporoparietal joint.

A new study has discovered that microdosing dramatically reduced DMN activities in both the posterior cerebellar cortex as well as in the medial prefrontal cortex. This research supports the notion that psychedelics could help improve cognitive performance by lessening the brain’s tendency to become distracted by a process of its own.

How can microdosing mushrooms enhance the ability to concentrate?

Microdosing has been proven to improve mental clarity and improve one’s ability to concentrate. The chemical psilocybin is a psychoactive ingredient found in mushrooms. it has been found to stimulate the circulation of blood into the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which is the part that is responsible for concentration and focus. This could constitute one of the primary reasons that psychedelics are commonly utilized to help treat ADD as well as ADHD.

How does microdosing mushrooms improve empathy?

Microdosing has been proven to boost empathy and foster compassion. It has been demonstrated that psychedelics stimulate areas of the brain that control empathy, which are known as temporal parietal joints (TPJ) as well as the default mode networks (DMN). It is believed that the DMN is a network that is responsible for inner awareness and it’s activated when we dream or contemplate our own thoughts. The DMN is activated when psychedelics cause it to get more active helping people to understand their thoughts and feelings. If combined with a deeper awareness of other people, it may result in increased empathy.

There are some things to consider when you’re planning to use microdoses.

For the most enjoyable experience, make sure you get your dose early in the morning.
Setting and setting is essential
For the majority of people, Microdosing is effective in conjunction with a balanced and healthy diet and enough sleep.
It is also advised to consume the microdose on an empty stomach prior to eating.
Drink lots of water during microdosing to ensure you are hydrated.
Don’t mix microdosing with any other substance in the absence of thorough and documented research (Check the synergistic compound list below)

It is suggested that people who are brand new to microdosing, start with a lower dose than what they believe they require. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to assess the potency of Psilocybin mushrooms purchased. Moreover, excessive doses can cause undesirable side effects or even a “bad trip”.

The best supplements or “enhancements” to the mushroom microdose experience.

1. Lions Mane Extract. The extract of Lions Mane works in conjunction with Psilocybin to increase the Nerve Growth Factor which creates healthy new neurons out of neural stem cells. It also helps to protect existing neuronal connections.

2. Agaricus Blazei Extract Research studies have proven that this mushroom has incredible neuroprotective properties as well as powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It shields brain cells as they create new connections during the natural process of producing Nerve Growth Factor.

3. Choline and various Brain Fuel Nutrients- Choline is vital for the brain’s functioning since its liver converts it into Acetylcholine which is a vital neurotransmitter that assists in transmitting signaling from one cell in the brain to another. This is known as synaptic transmission.

4. High-quality Fish Oil or Krill Oil- Omega 3 essential fatty acids are vital to ensure proper functioning. Be sure to buy high molecular weight and come from a highly rated company that makes fish oils such as Nordic Naturals.

5. Mushroom Antioxidants – I utilize Shilajit Extract combined with Boswellia Extract. These herbs possess powerful antioxidant properties that concentrate on adenosine-related receptors, which improve memory consolidation, and other beneficial brain ageing effects.

6. A Magnesium Supplement (Magnesium Glycinate) is essential since it enhances neurotransmission within the brain by stimulating NMDA receptor activity. In addition, it assists in blocking the reuptake of GABA-A neurotransmitters, which enables the neurons to keep stimulating and allows you to relax when you are microdosing mushrooms!

7. Gratitude Exercise Journal to write down the things you notice and the extent to which you feel grateful for the good things that happen you are grateful for in your life.

8. A good night’s rest is crucial, stay away from microdosing late in the evening when it is possible since sleep disrupts serotonin receptors frequently resulting in a short-term serotonin disorder that can cause anxiety, agitation, and other unwanted adverse negative effects.

9. Optional (But I take this) Optional Zinc Citrate Powder every day 50mg-1g daily to improve memory. Consume Probiotics every day to ensure good gut flora, which will allow for improved absorption of nutrients and better overall well-being.

10. EGCG of Green Tea can also be neuro-protective and can help reduce depression and anxiety effects.

The hope is that you got some knowledge and understanding from this post and hope you have a prosperous and warm time in your journey to Microdosing!


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