The history of the Golden Teacher Mushroom

The history of the ancestor of the Golden Teacher strain began in the mid-90’s in Amsterdam. A mycological scientist who was researching psilocybins had a keen interest in the commonly used Psilocybe cubensis fungus and began conducting a series of tests using different substrates, using different methods of growing these mushrooms. The researcher experimented with a variety of substrates, including the aspen wood chip, ryegrass seeds coffee grinds, compost, straw, and even spent grain beer from microbreweries. After a myriad of experiments were carried out over a lengthy amount of time study ultimately led him to realize that the most suitable medium for the growth of this powerful mushroom was rye grass seed, which was mixed with a high amount of perlite or vermiculite.

After he observed repeatedly that his mushrooms were becoming particularly potent and potent, he decided to name the species after his dear acquaintance Richard Shulgin who is known as “the godfather of MDMA” since he synthesized MDMA for the first time in the year 1965. The new strain was called Psilocybe Shulginenis, later popularly known under the name Psilocybe the Golden Teachers of Cubensis because of its potency as well as the unique golden brown coloration upon maturation. Since then, there are a variety of similar varieties created, such as B+, Cambodian Gold and even regular Gold Teachers that are frequently offered under various names on the internet by sellers with any consistent or reliable documentation of their origins. This causes uncertainty among farmers who might not be aware of the risks they’re taking when purchasing them on the internet without knowing the psychoactive properties they could possess or the effects they’ll cause when they consume them.

Golden Teacher Effects

The effects of the Golden Teacher mushroom are similar to the effects of other psilocybe varieties. The onset of effects generally occurs between 20-30 minutes after ingestion, and can last from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the dosage and your tolerance. There’s a broad range of psychoactive effects can be experienced, however most users will feel euphoria or feelings of introspection, intense visual experiences such as closed-eye vision or open-eye vision, with intense colors, or mild stimulation in certain instances.

It’s not unusual for people to experience a greater sense of talk and active when they are taking Psilocybe cubensis strains like this one. There are also reports of an increase in levels of energy, which could result in more physical activity in higher doses, which may assist in creating greater vivid hallucinations of the visual. People who have taken the mushroom have also experienced auditory hallucinations as additionally, such as hearing sounds like the sound of bells ringing, or knocking against wood, or different sound distortions that are frequently connected to shamanic rituals that involve specific types of psychedelic plant and fungi. Numerous studies have proven that utilizing psychedelic substances like magical mushrooms are actually believed by scientists to be among the most effective methods to create spiritual epiphanies for various segments of society, ranging from artists, musicians writers, and other creative types who make use of the mushrooms in their creativity process.

Expanding Psilocybe The Cubensis Gold Teacher

Golden Teachers thrive best in a climate that is controlled by temperature about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, however it’s essential that they’re kept a little cooler than the majority of shrooms since they tend to produce more fruit at the temperature of a room rather than at higher temperatures, which could lead to premature pinning when the temperature becomes too hot during stage of fruiting. It is recommended to keep the humidity below 50% in the fruiting stage to ensure the best results. High humidity levels can hinder proper development in chambers that produce fruit if they become excessively high in crucial stages for growth.

Make sure the substrate is moist but not soggy during the fruiting stage as constant drying out may slow growth dramatically, resulting in fewer fruit that those you would see when conditions were favorable for growth in the beginning. To get the best results, try using the casing layer of coco coir or peat-moss because these substrates are known to hold in water, while also permitting air circulation, so that the entire area will be free of any mold or disease which could kill your mushrooms before they’ve had a an opportunity to grow into mature fruits that are ready to harvest!

What is it that makes Golden Teachers so special?

The Original Golden Teacher strain is a potent and powerful mushroom, which has a very high concentration of psilocybin as well as Psilocin. The effects that are produced by the Golden Teacher are some of the most sought-after psychoactive effects that are available in the world. The active ingredients in the Golden Teacher can trigger psychedelic effects that are typically called “mind blowing” and “life changing”.

These kinds of experiences enable people to be into their emotions as well as their mental and emotional state in ways that aren’t possible for them to do otherwise. This can be especially beneficial to those suffering from anxiety or depression because they’ve been proven to boost happiness and reduce general levels of mental distress caused by these conditions. This particular type of mushroom has a small growth time, which is approximately 5 days, depending on conditions like humidity and temperature, it also has an average ripening time of between 3 and 7 days based on the type of strain and the type of substrate, as well as the growing methods and general conditions.

Overall, the golden Teacher is among the most sought-after mushrooms for its power It’s also easy to grow in with a very small fruiting time which makes it highly sought-after by people who are just starting to cultivate the mushrooms at home or more experienced cultivators who are looking for something different to test having already tried all other strains on the market.

The name is very appropriate when you think about the effects you’ll get from eating this particular kind of Psilocybe cubensis fungus. In the event of consuming these mushrooms, you’ll generally feel relaxed and energized at same time. This can give you the feeling that “you can take on the world” and be ready to face any challenge that might be presented to you with no hesitation or fear! The typical feelings that follow consumption include an euphoria-like feeling as well as blissful and joyful feelings throughout the body and an increase in moods of positivity that include feelings of joy as well as happiness, excitement and even laughter. They also help in improving energy levels and offering you a great deal of physical endurance that is essential to exercise physically or doing your daily routine!

These effects will yield amazing outcomes when you consume these mushrooms during meditation, where a lot of users have reported that they could get their minds clear; permitting them to focus completely and remain focused for the entire time instead of being distracted by other thoughts that are circulating through their minds which can cause them to lose their concentration, resulting in less productive meditation sessions. In the past, people have reported having the same results eating wildcrafted magical mushrooms such as Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teachers!


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